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Before Because of Shadows releases later this year come and meet Sean and Izzy.

Two lonely children. Two women facing uncertainty. One God who sees each.

When lonely six-year-old Izzy Jones literally steps into eight-year-old Sean Taylor’s friendless world in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, he feels more than a little frustrated with her interruption. It doesn’t help that her demanding questions remind him of his neighbourhood’s bully.

Sean’s unfriendliness doesn’t daunt her, but when she gets up to head to the swings she has come for, she is surprised he wants to go too. No one – not even her parents – has ever wanted to be with her. As far as she’s concerned, that makes him special.

Seeing from a distance her young son has made a friend; Sean’s mother Siobhan Taylor is delighted and slowly walks the park’s paths while watching them and thanking her Heavenly Father for answering her prayers.

But then, Siobhan’s faith is challenged to love someone. This is someone who is not deserving of her attention. Someone who has helped make her young son’s life a misery. Can she be as brave as she has always believed she would be and do what is required? But if she does, who will help her?

When Nanny Maureen overhears the future being mapped out for her young charge and herself, she must decide whether to go her way or trust the One who holds her life in His hands.

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A Word from the Author

Dear Reader, if you have chosen to purchase my first novel in the Coin trilogy, ‘Because of Mercy’, let me give you my heartfelt thanks for your support.

And if you are considering it, please dive into the reviews page and see what other readers are saying.

I pray that you not only enjoy the fictional story of Rose and Henry that has been written on these pages but that it also touches you and leaves you in wonder about the Creator of the Universe and His remarkable love for us.

PD Dawn x

Why Have I named it ‘The Coin Trilogy’?

Do you know about the small brass coin each soldier in the British Empire was issued for fighting in WW1?

Only 17mm in diameter the coin had the image of King George V on one side and the full Lord’s Prayer embossed on the other, along with a loop or hole at the top and was given as a talisman or good luck charm, to be worn around the neck for protection.

It was quite a feat for the minter to imprint such tiny yet clear words in a day when no computer was around to shrink the image to a size that would fit.

But while each soldier may have considered the feat at the start of their duty, the coin became so much more.

While the battle’s raged and horrors unfolded, fear abounded causing recollection of words to drain from the memory and dry on the tongue.

However, this powerful prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray daily and laid out perfectly on a tiny coin was the very reminder they needed. One they could still read and echo heavenward.

A prayer they had grown up with and would have known well – no matter from where they came. A prayer that could be verbalised when nothing else might come to mind. And in a time of class systems, a prayer that made all men equal. A prayer that when uttered, honours God and asks for the very things needed for our daily lives, whether in war or not. A prayer my grandfather whispered when he was there while his thumb worked itself over the embossed words and wore them down with his frequency. A prayer that changed him for good.

I was gifted his coin as a seven-year-old. When I discovered the story of it, it became a treasured item. I knew it was special. But I didn’t know the story I would write set back in those days would become the first in a trilogy. Naming the trilogy after the Coin gave the story purpose. Something that might touch every character on the pages. Not because it is a small brass medallion but because the prayer is incredibly powerful and relevant even for our times.

I still pray this prayer today. This is my go-to when life seems out of control and I don’t have words. It’s also my go-to when life is good. And it sets a foundation for more words. More thought.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

The Lord’s Prayer puts His words into our minds, our hearts and our mouths. If it was good enough for Jesus’ disciples to do this, I figure it must also be good enough for me. The Lord’s prayer is found in Matt 6:9-13.

One thing my characters eventually discovered is that when they do things His way, their lives and circumstances changed. For good.

Friend, today if you are battling your own war and cannot think of what to say, let me encourage you to seek the Lord’s Prayer and whisper it over and over. Focus on each part and let the peace of God settle over your mind and heart and turn your worry over to Him, for He cares about you.

PD Dawn xx

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